Welcome to the Métis Nation Historical Online Database learning section.  

This website is intended to be a learning tool to accompany the Métis Nation Historical Online Database that launched in March 2020. 

The Database allows users to access Métis related archival information, previously only available at Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa) or on microfilm. It is intended for genealogists and Métis to construct Métis family trees using the documents in the database. Providing Métis users with access to their ancestors’ documents facilitates the process of cultural re-connection, identity reclamation, and nation building. The Historical Online Database is also a powerful educational tool for teachers, students, curriculum developers, and the general public.

The data and digital images used in the database are provided by The Métis Archival Project (MAP) research lab at the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta.

Recently Added Items

Métis Archival Project: 20 Years of Research and Rights

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In October 2019, the MAP Lab celebrated 20 years by screening the following video at the Métis Nation Conference: Our Mother the Land Conference in…